Learn How To Get A Girlfriend With The Girlfriend Activation System

The Girlfriend Activation SystemHere is the long awaited review of the system which has had many guys heads in spin at the reality of being able to get any girl they wanted by simply following this online course and taken the necessary steps given to them.

This online dating program is being advertised as a step by step process, this system never fails if practiced correctly, sounds good eh? But does it really work. In this review we will look at the pros and cons of using such a system.

The most clear benefit from this that stands out straight away is that it is online, therefore letting you have your own space while taken part in it, no classrooms or awkward face to face teaching it is all private.

One of the other benefits of the system is that it offers to reveal a woman’s deepest desires and what is actually going on in that mind of theirs.

If you ever ask a woman what it is they look for in a man or what they find attractive they will always answer you with the most common things i.e. slim,muscular, can make them laugh.

These are all good personality traits to have but they are not really the ones the woman are actually looking for they are just the most socially acceptable ones to tell there friends.

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So what is it?

The girlfriend activation system was setup by a guy called Christian Hudson who has studied women’s behavior and managed to create a systematic process that can help you, when trying to find your ideal girlfriend.

The Social Man's WomanThe creator has claimed to have discovered what he likes to call a “woman’s obsession story” that apparently he thinks is hardwired into a woman when she is born. If you can unlock this it is said that even if you are not the richest guy in the world or the best looking you can still have any woman you choose.

There is a section that he likes to call “the playbook” which contains every little detail about the obsession story from texting her to getting her in the sack.

The program is made up of modules which included videos that will walk you through all of the steps there is also a bonus feature of knowing how to judge what girl is the perfect 10. the program offers a excellent 365 day money back guarantee which to be honest its very hard to find a product these days that offer that.

Is it a legit product?

Well I believe that it is very much so a legitimate product as I have actually partaken in the course a few months ago and am now in a happy relationship with someone I really love. That is the main motivation for writing this review, I know it worked for me.

I’ve been exactly in the same situations as a lot of men are in at the moment thinking they are going to spend most of their life alone but that is not the case. If you totally emerge yourself into the course and actually listen to what he has to say and some of the techniques he offers you will definitely help you build more confidence in yourself along with theknowledge of when a woman does approach you that you will know exactly what to say and be confident about it.

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If your still unsure about what the next steps are then click this link and Christian will take you through his whole process…

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P.S. Here is some social proof from actual members of the system:

Screen-Shot-2013-05-28-at-12.53.54-PM Screen-Shot-2013-05-28-at-12.54.25-PM Screen-Shot-2013-05-28-at-12.54.56-PM Screen-Shot-2013-05-28-at-12.55.02-PM
Do you remember this guy above, yep that's right its Albert Brennaman from the number 1 pick up artist movie Hitch in released in 2005.
Do you remember this guy above, yep that’s right its Albert Brennaman from the number 1 pick up artist movie Hitch in released in 2005.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and are interested in how pick up artists work it is a useful film to watch as it has a lot of similarities that can be related to the system. Be it if your a guy or a girl who is looking to find someone or maybe you are enjoying being single and just being able to score with people on nights out, the transferable skills from this course are immense and you will be able to have a lot of fun with them.

The system was specifically designed by Christian Hudson on the grounds of he himself was tired of being single and alone, in his online program he goes into detail on how he used to go out nightclubbing with is friends who were always scoring with chicks and he would always be left alone at the end of the night wondering what he could of done differently.

What if he said something different. It wasn’t till Christian started to study and really delve into how the mind of a woman and a mans works to be able to produce such a fantastic pick up artist program that he realized he had been doing it wrong.

In the program the main objective is to understand how to “unlock a woman’s desire” and the necessary steps that have to be taken in order to be successful in finding that one true love, and that is why Julian claims himself that a man can have any woman he wants as long as he uses the techniques provided in the system.

The dance steps sceneAs you would of seen in the film above Hitch that Albert gets his girl. I am here to tell you that it is possible for you to get the girl of your dreams to, maybe its a girl at work or someone you have known for a long time but never had to courage to take anything further.

Well that stops right now because lets face it your here for a reason!, your sick of being single the feeling of being alone is slowly eating away at you inside, you want to feel loved. Sound familiar?

It certainly does with me because they were the daily feelings I would be going through before I emerged myself in the system program and realized that the problem I had wasn’t with myself, it was in fact the techniques and barriers I had built up around my self when talking to woman or even thinking about talking to woman.

He has given me many tips on how to perfect my relationship and keep my woman happy. Once they were changed by listening to what Christian had to say I have now been happily married for a year now to my beautiful wife Jessica.

Everything happens for a reason, your reading this for a reason, believe me it does work and when have you ever bought a product that offers a 365 day money back guarantee when purchased.

Its well worth the money paid and don’t know where I would be now with out it. Well worth giving it ago.

Many thanks,
Dan M


  1. MonkeyBusiness says

    How long will it take before I see some boost in my self esteem or self confidence with regards to using and fully understanding the system?

    • Dan M says

      Hi MonkeyBusiness,

      This is all down to the individual and the reasons behind your low self esteem? Is it weight related or just when it comes to attracting the right woman?

      Please get back in touch I would love to help.

  2. Joshua K says

    Hi Dan,

    Has the system helped you find your soulmate? And how long is the course overall? Do you become part of a community?

    • Dan M says

      Hi Joshua,

      There is a fair amount of content to get through and Christian is always trying to get involved with the community. Yes there is a community based around it and everyone seems to be very helpful.

      I personally got into it because I found the psychology behind the system to be fascinating, and in layman’s terms. Not fancy voodoo words etc, all down to earth information from a top bloke.

      It has helped me get into a relationship where I am truly starting to find myself.

      Many thanks,

  3. says

    So if I was to join I am joining a community that has a team of coaches involved or is it just Christian? I really want to learn how to attract the right woman.

    • says

      Hi Liam,

      That is correct yes. There is around 5/6 coaches, that is excluding the very experienced members within the actual community. They will welcome you with open arms. If you do happen to join please hit me up.

  4. james says

    Yes I would like to attract a certain girl but i don’t know how to do it how do i get in this program?

  5. Gordon says

    Hi I love to ask when is Christian is coming to Singapore again?? I’d really love to attend his live seminar/coaching!!

    • says

      Hi Gordon, I will try and find out for you, it’s usually dependent on the amount of people that want to take up his course! But I will definitely ask and get back to you soon! Many thanks, Dan!

    • says

      Hi there,

      Its all down to the brain and the psychology involved and developing you as a person. So it doesn’t matter what age group, the idea is it helps work on you.

  6. Felicia S says

    WTF is an obsession story? I find it hard to believe I have one. I’m also a little indignant at the thought of manipulation by guys who had to buy a “system” to get a girlfriend. What’s always worked for me is for a guy to LISTEN to what I say, REMEMBER the things I say, be hot, smart, funny, and good in bed. Then again, I’m usually the aggressor in the relationship… guys don’t approach me, I approach them first. Oh and if you suck at kissing or don’t give oral sex that’s a NO.

  7. says

    To all those people who have been sending us emails. I apologize but our system has been getting spammed recently. I have just sent out a whole bunch of emails and I notice that the dates on them vary hugely. All I can do is apologize and hope that this doesn’t happen again. Many thanks, Dan.

    • says

      I thought it was a bit odd that I hadn’t had an email back. Anyway I went ahead and signed up to this system and it is great to see what Christian and his team are promoting. You can tell he sort of sticks with the ethical side of pick up artistry. He also sticks with the true meaning of helping us understand that it’s not all about “how great you are in the bedroom” it’s about connecting with them on a level deeper than the surface.

  8. Izzabella-Rose Dorn says

    As a woman, I was genuinely curious about this video when I came across it. I am a huge extrovert so I see the social/dating scene quite often (you know, “fishing” for the right one *sigh*) and Its shocking to say it, but the video is so true. I mean, if I guy acted like a man does in a literotica book (i.e. Christian Grey *pant*) I would melt! I mean, every woman has an ideal man inside her head, so if u can figure it out and be THAT man, your golden!! I can imagine that some women thinks that this is wrong or immoral, but why?? Idk… I guess I think it would be nicer to actually have a man be what I want instead of a joke.

    • says

      Ha, I hear that a lot, to be honest everything we teach isn’t sleezy etc we try to stick with the science, so it’s fantastic to hear that you agree!

  9. madhav singh says

    Hey Dan im looking forward to purchase this system somewhere around May 2014 so will this system be available by then?
    I cant make this purchase now due to several technical reasons

    • says

      It definitely will be around then. We are not planning on going anywhere and in fact have been around for over 3 years now.

      This is one of the great things about our community, it’s continuing to grow at a very rapid pace. Some really good guy’s in here, and even some girls.

      I hope we can help you.

    • says

      Hi Dan,

      This review of the system was awesome. I have a few questions though? Is it a subscription or is it a one off fee? I assume it could be a monthly subscription based on how much content there is involved in the course. How often is the system updated?

      Could you let me know as soon as possible as I am wanting to purchase the system?

      • says

        Bloody hell. I am sorry for the late reply dude. So much spam going on nowadays took me a while to work through them all. We have over 1900 spam comments, some of which didn’t even look like spam ha.

        Okay to your questions.

        1) Is it a one off fee or subscription?
        > – The course itself is a one off fee but they have a fair few other things going on in the community which you can subscribe for and you get a free trial too.

        2) The system and content is updated all of the time mate. They’ve just launched GFAS v2 in the members area and you get access to the community and the teams coaches. It isn’t just Christian, there are a whole bunch of helpful coaches and people involved.

        The community that you will join is actually huge. If you could click here then it will take you through to the page.


    • says

      It could probably work yes, Vinnie, you would obviously have to tweak some of the scenario’s to match effectively. We do have some woman that partake in the course.

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